If you’re passionate about working for a company that values innovation, sustainability, and excellence, Resilience Data Centre Operations is the place for you. Explore our career opportunities and join a team dedicated to shaping the future of resilient and sustainable data centres.

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Resilience Data Centre Operations is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applicants from all backgrounds and are committed to fostering a diverse workforce.

Why Choose a Career with Resilience Data Centre Operations?


Experience Rapid Growth

Join Resilience Data Centre Operations to grow in the rapidly advancing digital infrastructure industry with clear career paths and opportunities for all experience levels.


Embrace New Opportunities

Whether you’re new to data centres or a seasoned professional, Resilience offers diverse service paths, allowing you to gain knowledge and advance your career through our “cascading up” process alongside experienced technicians.


Be Part of a Team

At Resilience, we foster a team-oriented culture with transparent communication, collaborative best practices, a customer service mindset, and a strong commitment to safety, responsibility, and mutual respect.


Make a Difference

Supporting digital infrastructure providers ensures mission-critical services remain available, making you part of a team that keeps the world running smoothly.

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