Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

At Resilience, our consultancy services are designed to optimize your data centre operations, drive cost efficiencies, and enhance performance through strategic guidance and innovative solutions.

Commercial Services

Our commercial services include cost reduction programs, customer retention strategies, sourcing and securing sales, and identifying non-data centre income opportunities. We help you streamline operations and boost profitability by leveraging our extensive industry experience.

Power Services

We offer comprehensive power services, including power monitoring and site surveys, renewable power systems integration, and grid balancing with battery storage solutions. Our goal is to ensure your data centre operates efficiently and sustainably.


We provide expert advice on achieving necessary industry-standard accreditations for your facilities. Our consultancy ensures that your data centre meets the highest compliance and excellence standards, enhancing your reputation and operational capabilities.

Choose Your Services

Cost Reduction Programmes

Implement strategies to reduce operational costs without compromising performance.

Customer Retention

Develop and execute plans to improve client satisfaction and loyalty.

Power Monitoring & Site Surveys

Conduct thorough assessments to monitor power usage and optimize energy consumption.

Pathway to Secure Accreditations

Provide expert advice on achieving industry-standard accreditations for your facilities.