Operational Services

Operational Services

Resilience offers comprehensive operational services to ensure your data centre functions efficiently, with minimal downtime and maximum performance.


Our centralized ticketing system and operational monitoring ensure that your data centre operations run smoothly. We offer on-site services such as smart eyes and smart hands to provide immediate technical support and maintenance.

Installation and De-installation

We handle the installation and de-installation of racks and servers with expertise, ensuring that your equipment is set up and maintained correctly. Our team ensures seamless transitions and minimal disruption to your operations.

Choose Your Services

Centralized Ticketing System

Streamline issue tracking and resolution with a centralized system.

Centralized Operational Monitoring

Monitor operations in real-time to ensure smooth functionality.

Rack and Server Set-Up

Expert installation of racks and servers to meet your data centre requirements.

Installation and De-Install

Efficient handling of equipment installation and de-installation to maintain operational continuity.